Sunna Alaqar Co. “SACO” is a Jordanian Engineering solo firm that offers comprehensive planning and design solutions for its customers. In addition to that, the SACO team accompanies its clients during the legalization and tendering process which enables the smooth beginning of the construction phase. SACO deals with Architecture design, urban planning, master planning, urban design, and preparation of guidelines and regulation of projects. SACO provides supervision services for all Architectural, Structural and Electro-mechanical disciplines which ensure the implementation of the drawings according to best practice and international & local codes.

ما هو أهم من التصميم … هو بيد من سيوضع التصميم، منفذاً كان ام مستخدمًا ، فإما يعلو من شأنه او يحط من قدره

What is much more important than design is in whose hand it is put, an executor or user, either the design is elevated or downgraded

– Murad Kalaldeh

Designed Projects